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Prebuilt Website
On sale for $2,995.00 (save $1,000.00)!

Your website will be stocked with over 500 quality products provided by Cutting Edge Products, Inc. of Winterville, NC, a leading wholesale distributor/dropshipper since 1990. You will offer many high-end brands, including TASER®, Blackhawk®, Pepperball®, Uncle Mike's®, Sabre®, Police Force Tactical®, Streetwise Security®, Jolt® and more! The orders your website receives will be dropshipped directly to your customers.

This website is one of our prebuilt "99% ready to go live" websites that includes one of our pre-registered premium domain names, You will be billed yearly for domain name usage. The current yearly fee is $19.95. According to's domain appraisal tool, on the day we added this premium domain to our collection it was valued at $775.00, if sold in Godaddy's domain name auction (click here to see current value). This 99% prebuilt website could be live and open for business in as little as 2 business days!

Our Turnkey Website Package

Standard Package:

  • Over 500 quality safety, security, and self-defense products have already been installed.
  • The website logo and main banner have already been designed and installed, the domain name servers are already operational, and domain/company specific information has been added throughout the website.
  • Website hosting, disc space and data transfer
  • Management of all domain, server, and hosting maintenance
  • We will keep your website up to date, which includes installation of new products, removal of discontinued products, implement inventory stock updates in real time and much more. Currently an average of 20 updates are performed on a daily basis.
  • You will submit orders that you receive to the supplier through their website for dropship. After the supplier sends you a copy of your final invoice at the end of the day by email, you will add the shipment information to the orders in your website administration area and send package tracking emails to your customers. Note: We can process your orders for you for a reasonable monthly fee. Read more below.
  • You can choose to pay the entire Website Generation and Publishing Fee (start up fee) today and save 10%, or pay it over a three month period. Pay with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, or PayPal.
  • Your first monthly fee of $99.00 for website hosting, disc space, data transfer and ongoing product updates will be charged in one month.

Merchant Account

  • Whether you are a forming a new business as a sole proprietor or are an established corporation, we can assist you in acquiring a merchant account to accept credit cards. Due to a special arrangement that we have made with merchant bank, Elavon, there will be no set-up fees, no minimums, no monthly fee and no cancellation fee. The payment processing fees for Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express are a flat 2.90% + $0.30 per transaction. Lower rates are available to higher volume businesses. In addition, you will be utilizing AVS validation fraud prevention technology.

Informational Video

  • Watch the 6 minute informational video below for a quick summary of our Turnkey Website offering.

Optional Products and Services

Order Processing

  • For an additional $99 per month, we will process your orders for you. This includes submitting your orders to suppliers daily. After shipment we will add final product and freight cost to your orders in your administration area and send package tracking emails to your customers. With this service you can log into your administration area and quickly produce single order, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly bottom line profit reports. You will be charged an additional $99.00 per month starting one month.

End Customer Email and Phone Support

  • Add "White Label" End Customer Email and Phone Support for an additional $99.00 per month. We will configure your contact page emails to be sent to us, as well as install our toll free 800 customer support telephone number on your contact page. Your customers will never know that they are not talking with a representative of your company. Your customers can contact us with questions concerning products, their order status, package tracking, place an order by phone, and more. You will be charged an additional $99.00 per month starting one month.

Additional Products (Still in beta testing)

  • By default, every turnkey website is stocked with over 500 safety, security, and self-defense products. We can add around 10,500 additional products to your website provided by wholesale distributor/dropshipper, Sportsman's Supply, Inc. of Fenton, MO. Sportsman's Supply has been a leading distributor of quality products since 1968. We will keep these products up to date, which includes addition of new products, removal of discontinued products, real-time in stock/out of stock updates and more. Categories include Tactical, Hunting, Bullet proof gear, Public Safety Products, Law Enforcement Gear, Nightvision and Thermal, Optics and Sights, Sports Apparel, Archery, Camping and Outdoor, Fishing Gear, Gifts and Novelty, Golf, Knives, Outdoor Lights, Marine and Water Sports, Shooting Accessories, Survival Gear and more. Click here to see a website that offers both the default products supplied by Cutting Edge Products, as well as 10,500 additional products supplied by Sportsman's Supply.

    Note: The ability to sell these products is still in beta testing mode. These products will be added for no extra charge, and then $99 per month, if we continue to offer the products.

Future Additional Products

  • We are constantly in the process of improving our turnkey website offering. This includes researching the possibility of adding more products from new suppliers that compliment the products already offered. Should you purchase one of our turnkey websites, we will let you know when new products are available. Per your request, we will add the additional products to your website for a nominal monthly fee.

Custom Development Services

  • During the first month we will impliment content changes and additions as requested by you. After the first month we can add additional custom modifications to your website as described by you for an hourly rate starting at $56.25 per hour. Contact us for more information.

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If you purchase a turnkey security website, the product description above is very similar to what we will install on your website. The price on this page is what your customers will pay you. Your wholesale cost will be significantly less.

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