A Message from Ray Gilbarte

Hello, this is David Finley, CEO and Co-Founder of World Net Enterprises, Inc. We are the exclusive turnkey website provider for Cutting Edge Products, Inc. of Winterville, NC, USA. Our company can build, host and maintain your safety, security and self-defense product website. Read a message below written by Cutting Edge Products' CEO and Founder, Ray Gilbarte.


Cutting Edge Products has been the leading wholesaler and drop shipper of personal security products for over 30 years. At the request of many of our loyal customers to provide a turnkey website we have authorized David Finley of World Net Enterprises, Inc to be the exclusive provider. David has been building websites since (2003). Not only can he provide you with a top-notch website, but will keep your site up to date with new products, remove discontinued items, and will maintain inventory stock updates in real time.

Perhaps it has been the impact of Covid, but people are viewing their lives differently and looking for more than just a mundane 9-to-5 job. Like no other time in history people are changing jobs, starting new careers and many are considering starting a full or part-time business of their own. If this is you, I don’t think that you have come across this webpage by accident and if you will give me a few minutes of your time, I would love to share how this business opportunity can benefit you.

Cutting Edge Products, Inc. was started by Ray Gilbarte over 30 years ago. He was fresh out of college with a degree in psychology and a strong desire to start his own business. As he considered different opportunities and trends, his mind kept returning to our country’s moral and spiritual decline. He could see us slowly moving away from the moral absolutes and the standards that made our country great and our streets safe for ourselves and our children. He imagined that the need for personal security would only increase as time went on. He made a decision in 1990 to start a distribution company offering the best self-defense products and has spent the last 32 years expanding and perfecting that business. With God’s help and a lot of hard work, Cutting Edge Products has become the leading manufacturer/distributor of personal security products in the United States, and has sold millions of products throughout the US and around the globe. Now he wants to give others the opportunity to own their own website stocked with these same great products that made him so successful. Most of Ray’s time was spent sourcing products and maintaining the website but this turnkey site does that for you so you can spend your time marketing the products.

The demand for these types of products has never been greater. In fact, in just the last 3 years violent crime has increased over 30%. The nightly news is filled with crime, pandemics, inflation, economic collapse, global war, food shortages, racism, and school shootings. Although this has caused our products to sell like never before, what people really want is peace of mind. That is our ultimate “product”. Not only can this business be extremely profitable, but you will be proud to own a business that is meeting one of the greatest needs people have today.

For a relatively small investment, you can have your own turnkey security products website ready to take orders in just a few days. What’s so great about this business opportunity is that our friends at World Net Enterprises have removed all the expensive and time-consuming tasks of creating the website, product sourcing, adding and discontinuing products, putting items out of stock, and warehousing inventory. This is all designed to free up your time to get these products in front of people who are looking for them. Whether that is in the form of improving search engine ranking, exhibiting at fairs, gun shows or flea markets, or selling to friends, co-workers, and neighbors, you will have the time you need to market and grow your business while World Net Enterprises does the rest.

As you have researched various opportunities, I am sure you have been inundated with “get rich quick” schemes which promise big profits with little or no effort from you. If that is what you are looking for, we wish you the best, but you will not find that here. World Net Enterprises is looking for people that are willing to work hard and know that running a profitable business takes time and effort. I encourage you to go through the same process I went through in 1990 and consider what products are in greatest demand and how you can profit by helping people obtain them. Unfortunately, it does not appear that demand for personal security products will go away any time soon and we believe that this turnkey security products website will give you the greatest opportunity to supply these products.

For those not familiar with Cutting Edge Products, please go here to read what our dealers have to say about us. You can also read about World Net Enterprises, Inc. who has been in business for 20 years by clicking here.

Ray Gilbarte
CEO, President
Cutting Edge Products, Inc.

As a father of 5, Ray knows the importance of helping keep families safe!