Multifunctional Rechargeable USB Headlamp

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Multifunctional Rechargeable USB Headlamp
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Multifunctional Rechargeable USB Headlamp

The Multifunctional Rechargeable USB Headlamp is a lightweight and convenient headlight that is a must for camping, exploring, workrooms, garages, or emergency preparedness. Hands-free convenience means this light is ready when you are. Use it with either the adjustable headband or the clip - switching is quick and easy: just twist to remove. The unit is also freestanding. Water-resistant housing means you'll have reliable light in any weather. Three light modes, including a high and low spot and a four-LED floodlight. Easy charging with the included micro-USB recharging cord. 


Long-lasting Power: Rechargeable 850 mAH Polymer Lithium Battery

Three Light Modes: Low Flood, Low Spot, High Spot

Hands-Free Convenience: Wear it with the included headband or attach it to a shelf or hat visor with the included clip. Light is also free-standing. Can be used with a hook to create a camp light.

Charging LEDs: Light is a red strobe during charging, green when fully charged

Water Resistant: Reliable even in bad weather

Warranty: 1 year


    • GF Thunder Multifunctional Rechargeable USB Headlamp
    • Adjustable Strap
    • Interchangeable Mounting Clips
    • Charging cable

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